Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue – The Best Barbecue In Connecticut

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Welcome to Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ! I’m so proud to share my lifelong dream of smoking great barbecue for people like you who appreciate the time and expertise that goes into preparing authentic wood-smoked barbecue. Growing up in catering-wedding-Connecticut-ct-hartford-best-Restaurant-barbecue-holiday-corporateKansas City, Missouri, “The Barbecue Capital Of The World,” I worked in one of best barbecue restaurants for seven years where I learned the principles of great barbecue. Throughout the years I have worked to perfect my own techniques and recipes, including the homemade rubs and sauces I serve to you at Bear’s.

As the #1 Independent Competitive Eater in the world, I am no stranger to food produced and consumed in large quantities! It’s when QUALITY is not compromised that the experience is unmatched. I can promise you that from the exceptional food to the friendly service you will receive from our staff, your visit to Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ will be unrivaled. From the best barbecue ribs right down to our mouth-watering desserts – Our goal is to serve the best barbecue in Connecticut.

We live in a busy world and my family and I are honored to have you here to hang your hat and eat some good ole’ home cooked authentic Kansas City style BBQ. So bring your friends and your appetite, “The Bear” is waiting to feed you!

Cheers – Jamie “The Bear” McDonald

The philosophy at Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ is simple: Everyone who walks through our doors is either already a friend, or will be. By embracing that theory, Bear knows that every guest will have exceptional service, outstanding food and hopefully will know that whenever they walk into Bear’s, that they are coming home.
From the best ribs in Hartford Connecticut to the mouth water sides and desserts, we promise to make your vist a great one. We do everything we can to ensure that all of our customers leave happy and full. If for some reason you feel differently, please let us know and we will do our best to fix it.

What Our Customers Say

My barbecue was very good — nicely smoky, without approaching the over-smoked point at which flavors get buried. The pulled pork still retained some body (as opposed to being a mushy mess) and a satisfying vinegary tang came through. The ribs were easy to eat, tender and flavorful. Brisket had plenty of character and was not dry. And there was a nice peppery crust on the meat, nothing too shy, but also nothing too heavy handed.
Steve A.,
This place has amazing BBQ!! If you’re around the Windsor CT area you should definitely check them out!
Brittany, Enfield
Really, I am from southeastern NC. We know BBQ. Bear’s is by far one of the best smokehouse BBQ places I have ever eaten. Not to mention they gave us a military/police discount. Proper sweet tea too!
Andrew B., Windsor
Overall, Bear’s Smokehouse is some of the best BBQ you can buy around and is worth the stop in. This place is doing things that not many are doing in the area as well. This coupled with an owner that cares greatly about his product and service puts it in the top tier of BBQ spots in the region!!!!
Alex J., Avon
Damn good BBQ. I have tried various places in the Mid Connecticut area and this place beats them all hands down!
Melvin T., Lady Lake